Reverse Mortgage Counseling Now Available

Reverse Mortgage Counseling Now Offered on the Eastern Shore

SALISBURY, MD – December 19, 2019- Senior citizens can now access local reverse mortgage counseling through Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. (SNHS) Currently the only one of its kind on the Eastern Shore.  

Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM) or reverse mortgages allow the borrower to access the equity in their homes.  This mortgage option is available to those over the age of 62 years old and requires counseling and certification of understanding from an accredited HECM Counselor.  In addition to the age prerequisite, there are many requirements one needs to meet in order to qualify.  The process can be very arduous, thus SNHS’S Counseling and Education Manager, Leah Dyson is able to help clients navigate the course.   

Dyson underwent several hours of training and passed the exam to become a Certified Reverse Mortgage Counselor.  This title and education allows her to guide seniors through a curriculum that ultimately will gauge their understanding of what will happen once they receive a reverse mortgage.  Dyson feels, “it is important for this type of counseling to exist in hopes of keeping more seniors in their homes and from getting scammed out of their home equity.”

Counseling sessions will take place in person at the SNHS office by appointment only.  Sessions can last up to 3 hours and all parties listed on the property deed or the power of attorney are required to attend.  A certificate will be issued upon completion and the senior is then able to work with the mortgage company in establishing a reverse mortgage.  Appointments can be made by calling 410.543.4626 or visit the SNHS Office.  Additional information can be found online at

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