This program allows for applicants to request rental, utility or mortgage assistance because they have experienced a loss of income directly related to COVID-19.

Who can apply through SNHS?
  • Anyone who lives within the City limits of Salisbury
    • Utility assistance for past due bills is only available for those who live within the city limits of Salisbury and are delinquent on their rent or mortgage.  Applicant cannot apply for just utility assistance.  
  • Income loss must be directly related to COVID-19 and documented
  • Applicants cannot have received prior assistance from CARES Act funding
  • Applicants cannot exceed the 80% Area Median Income (AMI) for this program


How to apply?
  • E-mail SNHS Administrative Assistant for an application or by calling 410.543.4626. We will direct the applicant to the program that best applies to their situation. 
  • An application will be sent by e-mail. Once received, you will then need to print and fill-out the information requested and return the application along with the list of requested documents.  Someone from our office will review all documents and determine your eligibility.


*What else should I know?
  • Up to (6) six consecutive months of delinquent rental or mortgage assistance can be provided
  • ONLY those who live within the city limits of Salisbury may be eligible for utility assistance. Applicant must be delinquent on rent or mortgage as well. 
  • Late fees and other expenses including court costs are not eligible
  • Households that received an eviction notice prior to March 16, 2020 are not eligible
  • Persons/households in public housing or receiving housing financial assistance are not eligible.  Tenants in LIHTC properties are eligible unless they are getting Section 8 or Tenant Based Rental Assistance
  • Funding is based on first come, first serve basis if available.
  • Various agencies in Wicomico County are facilitating COVID-19 related funding. Filling out an application outside of the SNHS Office does not automatically qualify you for our program. Please contact the SNHS Office to fill out our application.

*the policies and requirements listed above are not all inclusive. Additional guidelines may apply.


SNHS is a Chartered Member of the NeighborWorks Network | SNHS is a member of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce

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