Education and Development

  • Homebuyer Education Training
    Required of all SNHS customers prior to settlement. Training is offered quarterly by certified trainers. The curriculum covers pre-purchase and post-purchase topics. A fee of $100.00 is charged to cover the cost of materials. Alternatively, there is an on-line class also offered at a cost of $100.00. To register and take the on-line class, please go to

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  • Pre-Qualification Review
    Pre-qualification reviews offered to prospective buyers to evaluate their credit readiness and affordability. Ideally, applicants would undertake this review prior to making an offer on a specific house or searching for financing.
  • Individual Budget and Homeownership Readiness Counseling
    Service provided for customers not yet ready to purchase because of credit and budgeting issues, but who are committed to the goal of homeownership, or who are delinquent on existing mortgages.
  • Foreclosure Counseling and Intervention
    SNHS is a HUD certified foreclosure counseling agency. Our staff will work with clients and their lenders to try and avoid foreclosure. This is a FREE service offered to any homeowner who is having trouble meeting their mortgage obligation.
  • Post Purchase Workshop – Along with the opportunities created by homeownership, also come financial challenges as well as new neighbors and new responsibilities.  The purpose of this workshop is to prepare you for the new challenges brought about by owning a new home. 
    • Our introductory class for the post-purchase workshop is called “Celebrate KIndness” and will take place on Nov. 8 at 5:30 PM, Stone Grove Crossing. Materials and refreshments will be provided. Please register by clicking on the sign-up below. 

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SNHS also offers professional and community development for the local community.  Opportunities include: 

  • Realtor Information Session
    Provides realtors with a comprehensive understanding of SNHS program guidelines and policies. Members of our staff are available to speak to groups on topics such as financial literacy, owning a home and more.
  • Speaking Engagements 
    Members of our staff are available to speak to groups on topics such as financial literacy, owning a home and more.