Closing cost/down-payment assistance loan secured by the property.  The maximum loan amount is $15,000 and the maximum term is 10 years. Loans $5,000 or less will have a maximum term of 5 years.  Property must be owner occupied.  For Somerset County, the maximum income limit is 120% of the area median income.  The interest rate will match the rate of the first mortgage loan.  Contact Assistant Director, Jane Hoy at 410.543.4626 for specific details and requirements.  Other restrictions may apply.


Somerset county 120% AREA MEDIAN INCOME – 2023

1 person
2 person
3 person
4 person
5 person
6 person
7 person
8 person

These figures represent 120% of Area Median Income for Somerset County. They are to be used as an index for determining income eligibility for programs where household income is limited to “at or below 120% of Area Median Income.”

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