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Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. aims to serve the local community amidst COVID-19.  Please note the following precautions that are being taken by our agency:

  • The Salisbury NHS office is  open to the public, however masks are still required to enter. 
  • COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program  
  • Local List of Resources
  • We will be offering our next homebuyers education workshop in Summer 2021 or an online self-guided version is available through E-Home America by clicking HERE.

We urge our clients and the general public to be aware of potential scams and to be proactive when it comes to paying bills such as, mortgage payments and rent.  Some helpful tips:

  • Contact your mortgage lender at the first sign of insufficient funds. They may be able to help with a forbearance agreement.
    • A forbearance agreement is a temporary suspension of mortgage payments.  This can last from 3-6months and is not automatic on FHA loans.
    • You must contact your lender in order to enroll.
    • Remember, this agreement is only temporary and payments may be rolled into your monthly payment or apply to the end of the loan.  Be sure to check with each lender as certain rules and restrictions apply.
  • Foreclosures that were already in the process before COVID-19 can still go through.
  • Avoid phishing e-mails.  How to tell? You may notice an incorrect e-mail that is similar to someone you may normally hear from or the misspelling of words within the body of the e-mail.  
  • Do not give out banking information via e-mail or over the phone.  Always ask to speak to an authorized representative.
  • The IRS will never contact you over the phone or through e-mail.  You will receive a letter in the mail.
  • Understand what the facts are for the State of Maryland foreclosure and eviction suspension order.
  • Take action now to avoid eviction 

SNHS will also be posting tips and helpful information on our social media pages.  Follow along on Facebook and Twitter.


There are many resources and communications also available outside of what we can provide at Salisbury NHS.


SNHS is a Chartered Member of the NeighborWorks Network | SNHS is a member of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce

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