The Strengthening Communities Survey Findings Are Here

Recently, a group of local leaders on the Lower Shore conducted a survey that aims to help the community understand how big of an impact the non-profit sector has on Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset and Dorchester Counties.  

According to the recent survey, some of the key findings include, 

  • Nonprofits on the Lower Eastern Shore have a total economic impact of over $695 million annually.

  • The nonprofit sector supports over 9,200 jobs on the Lower Eastern Shore, contributing over $379 million in 2017 to the region’s economy through wages paid (14% of the region’s total wages).

  • Approximately 1 in 3 Lower Shore neighbors are served directly and indirectly by local nonprofits.

  • Despite the large impact of the nonprofit sector, organizations still face many obstacles including struggles to raise funds that cover full costs, insufficient staff or volunteers for workloads, and challenges to offer competitive pay.

Strengthening Communities Impact Survey


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